What do you want to be when you grow up? What do I want to learn?

The following is a guest post by Rachel Leckner, a visual design student from New York City.

Rachel is an animation design degree graduate from New School and has a love for design.

She has been working as a visual designer in the graphic design industry for a few years now, and now she’s looking for a creative outlet to work on her graphic design portfolio.

I met Rachel through my art class, which has a great variety of different classes.

I was also a visual consultant for one of the clients of my art course.

So, when I asked Rachel if she wanted to be a graphic designer at one of her art classes, she said yes. 

My first impression was that she was incredibly passionate about her career and her passions.

I’ve been fortunate to be able to meet Rachel many times over the years and she’s always willing to talk about her work.

Rachel has an incredible ability to convey emotion and is incredibly funny.

She’s always entertaining.

She is so easy to talk to and you can talk to her for hours. 

When I was talking to Rachel about the importance of being a visual artist, I was reminded of how often I was asked what I want out of life.

I felt it was so important to understand that you don’t have to become a designer or a graphic artist to be happy and fulfilled.

You just have to know how to be your best. 

Rachel’s journey to a creative career began when she was still a high school student and working on a project for her art teacher.

I asked her if she had ever considered going into art school.

She said yes, she did.

She had been working on her art project for years, and she loved the way it was finished. 

She was also considering what to do with her art when she came across a website called Design A Day.

Rachel had always loved designing, but her love for art was really growing and she felt like she wanted a career in graphic design. 

After her teacher and I had a conversation about what she wanted out of her career, I knew that she wanted an opportunity to work with a designer. 

The first thing that came to mind when I heard about Design A Days was the work that she had done for designers in her art class. 

Design A Days is a website that allows artists to collaborate with designers to make their work available for sale and share it with the public.

It was something that I wanted to try out, and I thought that it would be an amazing opportunity to become part of. 

Since I’ve always been interested in the creative side of things, I thought it would make sense to take Design A days and work with designers. 

It was during my research for this post that I discovered Rachel. 

I’m so excited to share her story and share her journey as an artist and designer.

It’s an amazing journey and I hope you’ll all enjoy learning about it. 

What are you waiting for? 

Rachel has already found a great opportunity for her creative work.

I am incredibly grateful to have her as a part of my portfolio, as a friend, and as a fellow artist.

I hope that Design ADays helps her learn a lot about the art of design.

Check out more of Rachel’s work at Design Adays and check out the Design Aday website to see all the other artists who have contributed to Design A day. 

Have you ever considered becoming a graphic design student?

If so, share your story with us in the comments section below. 

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