Which anime nail designers have been nominated for the “Best in Show” category?

When it comes to anime nail design, which nail designers from the most popular anime franchises have been chosen as “Best In Show” nominees?

Well, it depends on the title of the article, as the “Show” category can be either the award for the best anime, or the award that most people will actually see.

For example, in the “The Little Mermaid” episode, “The Great Mermaid”, the awards were given to the characters, Ariel and Donald Duck.

The show’s producer, J.C. Chandrasekaran, stated in the announcement of the show’s nominees, “When the show is nominated for best in show, I will definitely have an answer for you.

That answer will be revealed in the upcoming episode, ‘The Great Disney Adventure’.” And it was.

And revealed to be the award winning design for the show.

As it turns out, it was the design of the anime’s second most popular character, Ariel.

The design has been seen over 1 million times since the show debuted in 1995, and its been featured in the official artwork of the series as well.

However, the “Little Mermaid” design isn’t the only nail design nominated for “Show”.

In the “Dolphin Tale” episode of “Princess Mononoke”, the design was also nominated for Best In Show, and it was created by the same designer who worked on the original design of Mimi’s “Prinny & Clyde” necklace. 

The design is currently on display at the Tokyo Design Museum, and will be made available for public viewing on January 1st, 2019.

In addition to that, the design will also be available for purchase online through the show official shop, which is run by the design team.

In the upcoming episodes, the designers will also give away a special edition of their “Little Miss Mermaid” nail design. 

You can read the official announcement of “Little Pinkie and the Little Mermaid”, “Principe and the Lion King”, and “Disco Fever” in the video above, or check out our previous “Show nominations” article for all the nominations for the series.

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