A new look at the ‘Lost Girl’ trailer (Video)

The latest teaser for the new episode of Lost Girl has been revealed, showing a new look for the character.

In the teaser, we see Chloe and her older sister Rachel (Miley Cyrus) and we get a look at Rachel’s outfit and hair.

It also looks like the girls dress differently in this trailer.

Chloe’s new look looks more traditional with more bangs and bangs of hair.

In the clip, Chloe is seen wearing a grey dress and is also wearing a pink hat.

The new trailer also reveals that Rachel’s sister, Maya, has moved to a new home.

Chloe and Rachel are not in the same house, and Maya is seen on the couch with a laptop.

Maya also has a white tuxedo jacket and a red bow tie.

The clip also shows Chloe and Maya wearing their usual outfits in this new trailer.

The trailer also shows Maya on the beach and on the deck of a boat, as well as a picture of the girls playing basketball.

Maya is also seen with her father in the trailer.

This clip is part of the new Lost Girl TV series, which will premiere on September 12.

The series will also include a new episode on September 16, which has a completely new cast and will be released exclusively on Netflix.

This is a new Lost Girls TV series.

Chloe, Rachel, Maya and Rachel’s new lives will begin on September 2, and it will be a completely different story.

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