What you need to know about the ABC’s new animal design program

The ABC has revamped its design guidelines for animal design, in an effort to ensure more animal-related content is aired and to help educate people about animals.

“The ABC is very proud to be a pioneer in the field of animal design and we’re really excited about our new design guidelines that are in place,” ABC managing director David Nance said in a statement.

“They’re a great starting point for new animal creators to understand how to approach design and why it’s important to do so.”

“We’re excited to continue our strong commitment to the animal protection movement and to our animal-themed content.”ABC newsreader and Animal Carer Sarah O’Brien said the guidelines were a significant step towards changing the way ABC animals are depicted on air.

“It is fantastic to see that the ABC is moving in the right direction to make animals more relatable,” Ms O’Briensaid.

“I think the guidelines are a big step forward for animal advocacy in general and also ABC News in particular.”

They are a great start to understanding how to design a new animal to be relatable, to make them feel like the animal they are.”ABC News understands that the guidelines have been approved by the ABC board, but the changes will not take effect until the end of the year.

The ABC’s animal design guide covers a range of topics, including animal health and welfare, and animal welfare and welfare of animals.

It was created by the Animal Carers of Australia (ACAA) group, a nonprofit organisation that promotes the health and wellbeing of animals in Australia.”

Animal care is a significant issue that the ACAA has worked to address for decades, and we are pleased to see the ABC take a proactive approach to this important issue,” ACAA president Peter Keddie said.”

This new guidelines will make it easier for the public to understand what the ABC does and does not cover in our animal coverage.

“The ABC did not immediately respond to ABC News’ request for comment.ABC News’ Anna Bresnik contributed to this report.


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