Animals: Design for a ‘animal-themed’ design

Designers in India’s capital have created animal-themed clothing and other apparel inspired by animal design.

Animal rights activists have been protesting outside the capital, New Delhi, since late May.

The government has ordered a crackdown on protests and called for the peaceful transfer of the protest encampment.

The protest encampments have been erected around Delhi’s railway station and the Delhi Metro’s central platforms, according to the Hindu newspaper.

The animal design was created by the animal rights activists who are protesting in support of a court ruling that has forced the removal of a man from his job as a veterinary technician at the Central Veterinary College in a nearby village.

The protesters, who call themselves the Animal Rights Movement (ARM), say the decision to fire him is unfair.

“If he can get a job as an animal handler, why can’t he get a position in a government department?” said Suresh, a 40-year-old software developer who joined the protest camp last week.

Suresh and others have taken to the streets to demand that the government take action against the people who fired the man and the veterinary college.

“We want to show the government that they are doing their duty and that the people have been demanding change for years,” said Srinivas.

“They are working towards the best outcome for the animal.”

India has long been a hub for animal-based fashion.

The country’s iconic animal, the elephant, was adopted by the United States as the mascot of the United Nations.

The Indian state of Madhya Pradesh adopted the animal in the 1930s.

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