Henna glasses, animal designs make sense for animal designers

Inventor Henna Tostao is a designer at a firm in Shanghai, and her work often incorporates animal designs, including her own designs for dogs, chickens, and other animals.

Tostao said in an interview that her interest in animals began in childhood when she was exposed to animals in nature through her family’s backyard.

“We lived in a small house, and we saw animals on the ground all the time, even as young children,” Tostau said.

“I wanted to learn more about nature and the natural world.”

Tostau has since moved to Shanghai, where she works at the Henna Group, which she founded in 2014.

“I was drawn to the animal design in the natural environment, because I saw animals in a lot of natural environments, in landscapes, even in the wild,” she said.

Tostoa said her interest started when she saw a painting of an animal by a local artist.

“It was so beautiful,” she recalled.

“It was a young, little girl.

And then I saw a young girl with a long fur coat on a mountain, and I thought, that’s an animal.”

Tossing aside her pet dogs for a dog in the studio, Tosta started developing her own animal designs.

The designer started by looking at the characteristics of each animal and deciding how the animal would look in the context of its environment.

“My first designs were all about the characteristics and the shapes of the animals,” she explained.

“And I was really happy with the result.”TOSTA’S BEHIND THE LINESTosta’s first design was based on a small dog, called “Pompeo,” who was born on the island of Penang in Singapore.

Pompey is an Australian Shepherd, and it’s a bit of a novelty because she is a little dog.

“But that’s why I’m doing this, because we are looking for a way to create something different and new to the dog, and to create a little bit of excitement,” she told Business Insider.

The designer wanted the animals in the painting to have a different look than the standard dog.

“So I tried to give the animal more color, more individuality,” she added.POMPEO’S FUR FUR Tostaeo said the dog’s fur is “a bit of an exotic animal,” and so it’s important to create the fur as natural as possible.

“The hair is one of the most important things to me.

So, I think that the hair is the most interesting part of the animal.

The fur is a really important part of animal, and there are so many animals that don’t have any fur.

So the hair adds a lot to the personality,” she continued.

“If you have no fur, the animals don’t feel so warm.

So I want the animals to feel warm, too.

So that’s what I wanted to achieve with this animal.”POMPEO’S HANDLEPOINTER.com Tosto said she would like to incorporate animal designs into her own creations, and she’s also looking to make a dog-like animal out of her dog.

But she said that her goal is to make the animal a part of her designs as well.

“A dog is really different from a cat or a bird.

So if I design an animal for a cat, the cat would have to have fur, and the bird would have a fur, so I have to create an animal that’s very close to its natural surroundings,” she stated.”

That’s what the animal designer is all about.”TOLERANCE TOSTA has a reputation for working with animals.

Her first animal designs included a pair of goats, which were given to her mother by her grandmother, who was a farmer.

“She’s always talking about how she raised the goats,” Tothao said.

The designers hope that their work inspires others to create their own animal creations.

“Animals are really different, so creating something that is natural and cute, something that’s not so big, something to look at,” Tuthao said, adding that she hopes to encourage other designers to follow her lead.

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