Apple announces new Apple TV ad design for children

Apple will launch its new ad design app for children and families in the coming weeks.

Apple announced the new design app at the WWDC keynote, saying that the new app will help children and parents discover new Apple products, such as Apple TV and Apple Watch, through new ad-supported features.

The app is part of Apple’s goal of bringing “animation and interactive entertainment to every child and family, from preschool through high school,” according to Apple.

Apple is also launching an Apple TV app this fall for parents to discover their children’s favorite shows and movies and to share and download the apps, according to a company blog post.

The new Apple Ad Preview app features an interactive cartoon character that can draw on a digital tablet, an animated “family” of toys and an interactive game, according the post.

Apple also said that the app will let parents and children “engage” with a variety of apps to find the best content for each child.

Apple’s new ad product will be available to developers later this summer, the company said.

Apple has also announced a new family of apps, dubbed the Family App, that will offer children the latest content from Apple, the App Store and its online services.

The Family App will launch later this fall, Apple said.

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