Which animal tattoo design are you really into?

There’s a lot of buzz around animal tattoos these days, and we think we’ve covered everything there is to know about the craft.

But, for some, it’s not just about the animal itself, but also the person behind it.

We’re talking about tattoo artists who are also animal rights advocates. 

It’s hard to imagine someone tattooing an animal and thinking of the animal as someone else.

And, while we’re not saying that the tattoo artist is “going out of their way to harm” the animal, we want to encourage them to. 

So, we asked tattoo artists across the US to share their favorite animal tattoo ideas.

The questions were pretty specific: how did you get started, what inspires you, and what do you do to get creative?

Here are our picks for the 10 most popular animal tattooing designs from across the country.1.

The “Animal” on Your Finger (Korrasami)A korrasamis the Japanese word for a giant spider.

But it’s more than that.

It’s the Japanese name for the bird in which the bird is born. 


Animal Tattoo with “Crow” (Kobayashi)Kobakashi is a tattoo artist from Osaka, Japan.

He has a tattoo of a raven perched on his right hand, with a “C” in the center, surrounded by a circle of dots and letters.

The bird has a head with feathers, a body, and an eyes that look like tiny eyes. 


The Pig’s Head on Your Neck (Fashion)There are a lot more types of animal tattoos than we’ve mentioned.

We’ve mentioned “human head” and “animal” tattoos.

But what about a “head” tattoo?

It’s a tattoo on the back of the neck of an animal that’s very reminiscent of a human head.4.

Animal Hair on Your Face (Shoebox)The Shoebox is a large, portable, and fashionable fashion accessory for people of all ages.

It includes a headband and a tattoo that’s just a straight line across the back.

The artist is usually wearing sunglasses, but some people also use masks. 


The Snake on Your Back (Kurokoi)Kurokocho is a Japanese manga that’s based on a popular anime series.

It follows a boy named Yumiko who grows up in a small town where the only animals that live are snakes. 


The Frog’s Face on Your Hair (Kabuki)Kabukuro is a kabuki theater and theater company.

The company’s director and star, Shigenori Matsumoto, is a snake. 


The Fish’s Head Tattoo on Your Body (Korean)Korean artist Lee Joon-woo’s frog tattoo designs are so popular that he’s had a line of other tattoo designs based on them.

One of them is based on the frog’s head.8.

The Animal on Your Eye (Grammar)The Grammar is a graphic novel series by a man named Kazuo Kato that follows the adventures of a boy and his friends.

It was inspired by his family’s farm in rural Japan.

It started as a joke and grew into a manga series.9.

The Bear on Your Arm (Bartleby)A bear tattoo design is a popular one among the animal tattoo community.

A bear tattoo can be a very cute, friendly animal, or one of the most aggressive ones. 


The Lion on Your Head (Kotobukiya)Kotobyashi is an American artist, writer, and director based in New York City.

He’s one of many artists that use animals in their designs, from bears to lions to hyenas.

His latest work, Lion Tattoo, is based around a cartoon character. 

More tattoos to check out: 1. 

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An “Eagle” on back5. 

Lion Tattoos on Your Arms6. 

Bird Tattoos8.

Lion Tattoemat Tattoos9.

Lion tattoo on a horse

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