How to make your animal makeup design more animal friendly

In a world of animal cruelty and cruelty-free makeup designs, there are still a few animals that have to be sacrificed to make a design for a brand.

Some designers are trying to create animal-friendly makeup designs that don’t sacrifice any animals.

But there are plenty of other options available to those looking for an animal-free design, and we have put together a list of the top 10 makeup designs we love.

We’ve been loving makeup designs like these since the 1990s.

The animals were just too cute, right?

This is just the beginning, though, as we’ll discuss how to get animal-positive makeup designs into the mainstream.

The Top 10 Animal-Friendly Eyeshadow Designs:1.

Eye of the Tiger by YSL2.

Love & Peace by NARS3.

My Wild Love by Nubar4.

The Animal by Urban Decay5.

Animal Face by Sephora6.

L’Animal by Urban Beauty7.

Nude by J.


Lullaby by JCPenney9.

Black and Blue by Dior10.

P.I.C. by L’OréalAnimal makeup designer L’ORÉAL is the company that pioneered the concept of “animal-friendly” makeup designs in the 1990’s.

They started with a simple idea to use animal-based ingredients in cosmetics.

They developed a line of makeup that was vegan, cruelty-proof, and also had a very low profile.

The animal-derived ingredients, such as collagen, oil, and waxes, were blended into their makeup to make it less noticeable.

L’Orèal went on to open up a vegan makeup company in 2009 that also offers vegan-friendly products like their signature black and blue eye shadow collection.

Léo’s brand of makeup is available in a wide variety of shades and colors that are vegan, but the eye shadow is the most popular one because it’s the easiest to blend and apply.

The most animal-aware makeup brands use vegan pigments and wax to create a natural-looking finish, which is why the company has been on a tear over the past few years with their vegan eye shadow line.

There’s a lot of cruelty-neutral makeup out there, but L’Oreal’s pigmented eyeshadows are still some of the most animal friendly, and the company’s cruelty-friendliness is one of their main selling points.

Here are some other animal-resistant makeup brands that you might want to check out.1.

Black Tie by H&M2.

Pinky by Sepia3.

Mockingbird by Lancome4.

Lace by ELF5.

Baby by Glamour BeautyThe animals are so cute and cute!

L’Occitane’s cruelty friendly makeup is a classic and a staple of the makeup world, with animal-safe ingredients like animal-hair, skin and hair, pigments, and more.

The makeup is also made from real animals, so there’s no need to worry about the cruelty of animal products.

If you want cruelty-friendly ingredients for your makeup, you’ll find them in L’Ecole de Beauty.

L&M’s cruelty free makeup is made from organic ingredients like coconut oil, hemp, palm kernel oil, beeswax, and others.

The cruelty-sensitive makeup brands like H&amp:M and ELF have a cruelty-conscious line of products, too, but there are some animal-neutral products available that are cruelty-resistant.

ELF’s cruelty conscious eye shadow shade is called ‘Aurora’ which is made of coconut oil and has animal-skin and hair inlays.

Other cruelty-resistant eyeshadow shades include Black Tie and Mocking Bird.

ELFs cruelty-rated lipstick is made with real animal pigments in a blend that’s cruelty and free.

There are vegan lipsticks that are not cruelty-tested, but they’re still cruelty-tolerant.

L&amp=M is a popular brand that uses animal-tipped pigments.

They use plant-based pigments that are also vegan.

The vegan pigmentation in their lipsticks is the perfect vegan lipstick for your skin, hair, and nails.

L & M’s cruelty resistant lipsticks are available in both natural and cruelty free shades.1: Puma by Dazzle2: Pampers by Buxom3: Elisabeth by Boudoir4: Glamazon by Kate +Lea5: Poreless by Pirelli6: Makeup by Lomi7: Celine by MAC8: Tarte by Chanel9: Dior by Guerlain10: Buxos by OPI

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