Which web design cartoon character would you want to be in the next anime?

With anime being one of the hottest trends on the market, we decided to go with the most popular and well-known character from the anime series, Digimon Adventure.

The popular Digimon series is known for its fantastical world and is often criticized for being too realistic and simplistic in its visuals.

The latest Digimon adventure series, titled Digimon Frontier, has been released in Japan and is a spin-off of Digimon Tamers, a television anime series.

While the series has been praised for its use of animation, many have criticized the series for not being more realistic, and for being overly simplistic in the design of the characters.

The popularity of Digimon Frontier has lead to a plethora of fan-made Digimon designs, with many fan-artists using Digimon as a medium to create a variety of animated scenes, including a Digimon cartoon character, a Digimamon with the DigiDestined as their main characters, and even a Digi-Mimic.

Here are 10 of the best fan-created Digimon animated designs.

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