‘I’m an animal’ – a new ‘animal’ concept

Posted February 01, 2019 09:50:53The new “animal” design in the world of home furnishings is becoming more popular as people try to keep up with their growing pets.

The term “animal house” is now used in all homes to describe an enclosed, small room where people can relax and be alone.

“It’s a concept where the animal is part of the design.

It’s not the only part,” says owner and founder of Animal House Design, Lisa Williams.”

The whole concept is the design of the room, the whole space,” she says.”

We’re trying to help people live better.”

Lisa Williams says the term “Animal House” is not only used in the home but in the wider design world.

“I’m not a designer, I’m a human, but I feel that’s a lot more effective because people don’t see what I do and I think that’s great,” she said.

“So I’m an artist.

I’m the one who’s trying to bring it to people.”

The concept is based around a house that is “home” and not “business” but Lisa says the idea behind it is “the same” with regards to people’s homes.

“People are not in a hurry to make their house their business,” she explains.

“They can still be in a home but they’re not going to be their family home.”

And that’s the same with a “house” with animals.

“It’s not about making a living.

It is about living.”

Animal House Design caters to a diverse clientele.

“There’s so many different kinds of people in the community who love to hang out in the park, who like to spend time together.”

In a community like this, it’s important for us to keep things open and not feel like you need to cater to everyone.

“If you do that, then people will think you’re catering to a small minority.”

Animal house design has been around for a number of years.

The concept has been adopted as a way to create a welcoming environment for animals and pets.

“Most of the animals are housed in a cage,” says Lisa.

“When you bring in the animals and take them into the home, the environment has to be different.”

She says the concept of an animal house is not just for animals but for people too.

“With the animals, it gives you an opportunity to do that by making sure they’re safe,” she adds.

“You can give them a safe space, but they need to be able to walk around and be in their own space.”

The main goal of Lisa’s design, and the reason she decided to create Animal House, is to help animals feel comfortable and secure in their homes.

Lisa says the majority of people have a lot of different pets in their home, and it can be challenging for them to fit in.

“A lot of people feel that they can’t put their pets into a cage, so they go into the street and have an animal,” she explained.

“But if they’re in a house, then they can walk around in their cage.”

The idea behind the design is to allow animals to be in the same space, just in a different location.

“An animal can only be in one space at a time.

They can’t be in different rooms.

It makes a huge difference to their wellbeing.””

People want to have a home that is safe and their pets can be safe, but we also have a purpose to have that.”

Lisa says people will be able see her design in person when she presents her work at the International Dog Show in Canberra.

“For people who are not used to seeing things in a new way, we’ll be showing off this in person,” she added.

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