Apple unveils Apple TV 4D animated cake design

Apple has unveiled its next-generation Apple TV set-top box, with an “unprecedented” number of designs.

The set-up is set to debut at the company’s fall event on Monday, with Apple TV models to arrive in November.

The box is designed to resemble a mini-Apple TV with four curved LED screens and a touchscreen, which are positioned behind a black backlit glass panel.

There are also four buttons on the back, along with a microphone and an audio jack.

A number of the designs also feature the brand’s signature Apple logo on the front.

The new Apple TV will come with two new Apple TVs, a new Apple Remote and the “world’s first” Apple Watch.

The Apple TV 2 was unveiled last year, with a price tag of $349.

The company also announced a new iPhone, and the release of the Apple TV Mini, the company is now releasing its Apple TV 3.

The 3D Apple TV is a new model with more powerful chipsets and features the same 5-inch 1080p resolution, 3D audio and USB-C ports as the AppleTV 2.

The model is currently available in select retailers and is expected to be available in November in Australia.

The latest version of the 3D model also has an upgraded 3D Touch screen, which can be used to navigate through apps and to control apps.

It has a 3D projector and a larger 4K TV that can be connected to a TV via HDMI.

There’s also a new Siri Remote and a redesigned Siri Keyboard.

The iOS and tvOS versions of the new Apple television also feature support for the upcoming Apple TV App Store, which will allow Apple TV users to browse the iTunes Store for apps and games that support the technology.

Apple TV 1 will be released in November, and its release has not yet been announced.

WatchOS 3, which is based on Apple’s Watch OS, will also be available at launch.

Watch OS 3 is due out on October 25.

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