How to design a good website for cats

A good website design will make your visitors’ experience better, says the designer of the website of the Australian cat community.

The Cats Are Free cat social network, founded by cat lovers, launched its website in 2014.

Its creator, Paul McPhee, says he’s always wanted to design websites for cats, and decided to take on the challenge after seeing a YouTube video on the subject.

“I watched the video and I was like ‘oh my god, this is so amazing, I’m going to start my own business’,” he said.

McPhee started making websites for other people, such as those who were passionate about cat care and rescue, and wanted to create something that he could use to help people find the right website for their cat.

He also designed the website’s logo, and created the cat name, which was a popular choice.

His website was designed with HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 to be mobile-friendly, but still look like the original.

It’s not the first time McPee has designed a website for a cat, he says.

Back in 2014, he made a website about a group of Australian cat lovers that wanted to use their website for other cat related projects.

In 2014, a cat shelter in Australia contacted him to design the Cat Sanctuary website, and he started designing the shelter’s website with HTML and CSS, but with some extra help from his cats, he ended up with a great looking website.

But what is the difference between a cat website and a website designed for cats?

The difference is that a cat site is designed with a design that is simple and easy to read, while a website created for cats is more complex and can be more visually stimulating.

A good website can have many different elements, including a cat’s name, a name of a particular animal, a link to a page with information on that animal, an image of a cat and more.

And if the cats are happy, it may look good.

McPieres website was created to help the cats, but also provide information on their care and adoption.

As a result, it’s designed to be as simple and clear as possible, so people who are interested can see exactly what they are getting into.

There are a number of different elements to the website, from a short description of the animal’s breed, to a list of their names, to the location where they live, to their contact information.

You can also use the information in the cats’ names to find out how to adopt a cat. 

If you’re looking to get involved, McPees website is available to download for free.

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