Alessandro Padoan speaks on the creation of the Padoans’ ‘Eden’ shirt

Alessandro Perezan, the creative director of the iconic Adidas football shirt, has revealed how he came up with the design for his “Eden” jersey.

The shirt has been in the Perezan family for more than a decade and has been an inspiration for a lot of his designs over the years, but this was a new opportunity to design something unique for a new generation.

“We have a lot more than two kids.

We are always working on something new and innovative.

For us it was important to design a jersey that we could show off our new logo, and a shirt that is so well suited to a young kid, it was a very important part of the design process,” Perezan told Sportscar365.”

The design is an evolution from the Panoan shirts that we have used for many years.

The shirt is based on the Pismoans’ classic design with a very modern twist, with the modernized elements such as the stripes on the front, which were added on the back.”

As you can see in the design, the shirt is a combination of the classic Panoans design and modern technology.””

I am a big fan of the Adidas brand and wanted to design it in a way that was inspired by the Póndoans and the classic Adidas shirts, so I wanted to have the elements that were unique to the Adidas shirts in a jersey.” 

Panoan, who is a designer at Adidas’ global sports agency, explained how the shirt was inspired: “We created an idea to have stripes on each side.

These stripes are part of our logo.

They represent the spirit of the shirt, a spirit that was born in the past, and I wanted it to be worn with pride, like the Pão de Beitarra.

“I wanted the stripes to be part of a logo, a symbol of our brand, a reflection of the spirit that we carry.”

The shirt, which was inspired in part by the classic “Eagle” design, features the same Adidas logo on the sleeves, collar and shoulder area.

Panoans creative team created a range of options for the shirt. 

“The shirt was created as an evolution of our Panoaans logo.

The logo is a reference to the old Adidas shirt, and is also a reference of the current world of football,” Perezans said.”

But there are also a lot modern elements.

The stripes are on the sleeve, the collar is a modern design, and the shoulder area is modern, so the shirt can be worn at a casual or with a logo-free look.”

There are many details that are completely new.

The socks are made from a material that is similar to Adidas’ sockliner.

There are also some details like the collar and the socks.

We wanted to be very modern and have a shirt for the new generation, so we went with a modern look.” 

The shirt will go on sale in Italy from May 6, and will be available in the United States, Germany and Belgium.

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