Why the media doesn’t understand why so many people are angry with the Trump administration

The media has a difficult job.

It’s a job that demands it to be sensitive to the emotions of the American people, especially when the media is so often the source of the most outrage.

That’s because journalists have a responsibility to the public.

And when they make mistakes, it’s a matter of accountability and accountability only.

The Trump administration has failed to take a meaningful stance on gun violence.

It has shown no interest in addressing the opioid epidemic or addressing the lack of access to guns.

But that hasn’t stopped the media from reporting on those problems.

And it’s an understandable impulse for the press to do so.

After all, Trump is a narcissist who loves to score political points.

He likes to portray himself as a champion of the “little guy.”

The media, he argues, is a powerful force in American politics, because it serves the interests of his own people.

But he is wrong about that.

The media is actually the most powerful force to control the American public.

In a country with an enormous wealth gap and high levels of poverty, there is no reason for people to have to live in fear of violence.

In a country where millions of Americans have been robbed of their livelihoods, there’s no reason to be angry with them for it.

The American public is not a racist, sexist, xenophobic or homophobic society.

It is a nation where, in many cases, the very people it’s supposed to be serving are also the ones being threatened.

This is not hyperbole.

In fact, there are some real examples of how the media has contributed to and exacerbated racism and xenophobia.

In the wake of the fatal police shootings in Dallas, for example, the media was quick to blame the Dallas police officers who were responding to the shooting on their race.

They said that the victims of these shootings had black skin.

In turn, the news outlets said that those officers were acting “racist.”

In response, the police chief in Dallas resigned, and the city council passed a resolution to rename the city’s police department after Dallas Police Chief Art Acevedo.

In response, Aceveda said that he was “disappointed” that the city had not done more to root out racist officers.

He later apologized, saying that he had been “misinformed.”

In the aftermath of the police shootings, the number of murders and police-involved shootings in the U.S. jumped by more than 40 percent.

It continued to climb for years, and police officers were killed at a rate far above the national average.

This isn’t the first time the media and its political allies have been blamed for a spike in racism.

After a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, led to a deadly clash between white nationalists and counterprotesters, several prominent media outlets said the white supremacists were to blame.

They were wrong.

The protesters were, in fact, overwhelmingly peaceful.

The president blamed the protesters for the violent clashes.

In reality, the protesters were not white supremacists at all.

They simply opposed the use of a Confederate flag as a symbol for a white nationalist rally.

The media has played a role in many other instances.

After the 2010 riots in Boston, a group of white supremacists marched through the city, chanting anti-Semitic slurs, and one reporter, Michael Barbaro, was assaulted.

The incident became the subject of a CNN documentary.

But it was the first incident to be covered in the mainstream press.

After the 2012 riots in Baltimore, the Baltimore Sun reported that the rioters had a “history of violence.”

But it did not mention that they were predominantly young, poor and African-American.

The violence in Charlottesville and the Dallas shootings was not caused by racism.

They occurred because of the failure of the government and its leaders to protect the rights of Americans to protest peacefully.

In these cases, it was left to the press and its allies to make the case that the violence was the result of racism.

For example, in Dallas and Charlottesville, the mainstream media repeatedly praised the work of the Virginia State Police to prevent a deadly ambush.

But this is not the work that law enforcement officers are supposed to do.

Police departments are supposed, in most cases, to protect citizens and their property, and to make arrests.

They are supposed not to be a political punching bag for the president.

In addition, the law enforcement agencies in both cases are responsible for policing themselves.

They’re responsible for training and supervising the officers on the job.

If the police officers do not train, supervise or maintain good relationships with the communities they are supposed in fact serve, then their performance will be undermined.

And it’s not just the media that has been accused of being racist.

When the federal government approved the Keystone XL pipeline, the Washington Post editorial board said the pipeline would be “a dangerous pipeline that would bring millions of barrels of oil a day to the Gulf Coast.”

In a tweet after the decision was made, the newspaper said, “If we do this

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