How ‘Tales of Symphonia’ got a new voice actor

On Wednesday, Sega announced that the company is hiring a new actor to voice the role of The Master in its upcoming game “Tales Of Symphony.”

The news comes a day after the game’s voice actor, Jason Sudeikis, tweeted a link to an article detailing his departure from the game and saying that he is “hopeful to return” for the game.

According to Sega, “Tale of Symphony” is set in the world of a world where magic is the norm, where people can go to great lengths to protect their loved ones, and where the only thing to do is enjoy the game.

“Sega has released a statement on its website confirming that Jason Sudesickis has been hired as “the new voice for The Master.””

The Master is voiced by actor Anthony C. Hall, who voiced The Phantom in the Phantom Souls series.”

Jason is an amazing actor, and his experience with The Master will be a big asset to the production of the title.”

The Master is voiced by actor Anthony C. Hall, who voiced The Phantom in the Phantom Souls series.

Sega said that Hall is still looking for work, and said that “we’ll see where that goes.”

Sue Kroll, Sega’s vice president of global marketing, told GamesBeat in an interview last month that “Tata has not been working with us on anything at this time.”

The game’s director, David Laidlaw, told IGN in May that the project was “moving along very slowly,” adding that the game “has a lot of things that we haven’t gotten to yet.”

Laidlaw told IGN that “as of right now, we’re on track to have a playable demo in June.”

“I think the game is still in the early stages,” he added.

“I think it’s a game that you’ll play in your head for a long time.”

“Tales” is scheduled for release on March 10.

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