How to make a bird avatar

Animals are all about balance, according to the creators of a new animated avatar that has caught the eye of the internet.The new avatars are designed to inspire children by the simplicity of their design.They are designed by the company IBE (iBE), which is based in Shanghai and is the world’s largest maker of avatars,Read More

Animals: Design for a ‘animal-themed’ design

Designers in India’s capital have created animal-themed clothing and other apparel inspired by animal design.Animal rights activists have been protesting outside the capital, New Delhi, since late May.The government has ordered a crackdown on protests and called for the peaceful transfer of the protest encampment.The protest encampments have been erected around Delhi’s railway station andRead More

What’s your pet’s favorite design?

Animals are very visual and they are a lot of fun to design.We are not alone in our love of cute animals.A number of design sites, including DesignFantasys, have created designs that are truly inspiring to the animal lover.One design by PetSmart for a dog is adorable and perfectly captures its playful personality.PetSmart is knownRead More

How to draw a animal logo design

When it comes to the design of a logo, there are a lot of different types.But, there is one type of design that is particularly useful when creating an animal logo. The design of an animal on a shirt can be a really simple one, but, if you don’t know how to draw it, it canRead More

Which animal makeup products are best for your pets?

Animal makeup is a hot topic in the cosmetics industry and there’s a wide range of options to choose from.From makeup brushes and eyeliner products to makeup eye shadow and nail polish, there’s something for everyone.Here’s our guide to the best makeup makeup brands for your furry friends.Read more

Why your dog is wearing a skirt at your wedding

The wedding dress of choice for wedding guests.The dress will help to bring out the wedding party and the bride’s best friend.A new video from Animal Hub Design has shown the bride in a wedding dress with a skirt.The video shows a bride with a bouquet of flowers, and the groom in a suit andRead More

How to Make Your Own Anime Cloth Design tutorial

An anime cloth design tutorial for beginners can be an effective way to get started on making your own anime cloth, if you have a few basic anime style and clothing designs that you think are interesting.I’m sure there are many more that I didn’t include in the tutorial, but I figured I would shareRead More

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