Which animal design has made you laugh?

The answer is a dog and cat and a dog in the kitchen. The animals were designed by The Animal Design Agency in London, and the design studio has been working with fashion designer and fashion house founder David Morley to create new animal designs.The design team wanted to design a new style for cats, aRead More

Which anime animation studio is the best at making animation?

3.Animation Studio Airdate Animation studios make up the vast majority of anime animation companies.The vast majority are animation studios, but some companies make their own animation.Here are some of the best.A-1 Pictures: The animated films of Studio A-S (which also produces the anime series Naruto ) have been shown to be well received by critics,Read More

Why are we killing so many animals?

Posted September 09, 2018 08:08:10 When a cat has a seizure or is in pain, it often does not show up for weeks, months or even years.But some animals don’t have that option.Animal design agency Animal Design Australia (ADAA) says there are more than 40,000 animals in Australia who have suffered a seizure, or aRead More

Anime cloak design

By now, you’ve seen many anime cloaks, but this one might be the most unusual. While most anime cloak designs have a cloak of sorts, this one has an entire cloth woven around the top of the cloak, as if it were a scarf.This anime cloak is also quite large, weighing in at around 30 centimetersRead More

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