Why do people eat Japanese sweets?

Japanese sweets, like all things Japanese, are generally a bit different than the American food.In Japan, it’s the custom to eat your food in the home, usually at the family table, rather than eating it at a restaurant or supermarket.It’s a Japanese delicacy known as kamishishi (おこやしい), or おくじゃんどりし (話投したり), and is a dish madeRead More

Anime shoe designs are becoming more popular, says designer

When I started to design, I was always looking for something that would help me express my individuality.I also wanted something that was going to give me the freedom to express my creativity without being constrained by a rigid shoe design process.For years I used to work for shoe designers who had their own designs.TheyRead More

How to make your home more like an animal bedroom

By Laura LippertPublished August 03, 2019 05:13:55It’s time to give your home a new look, and this week’s design is no exception.Designers are experimenting with ways to bring the beauty and personality of the animal world into the bedroom, using blankets and plush animals to create an adorable home for your furry family.To help youRead More

NHL is getting more animal themed designs

NHL is expanding its roster of animal inspired designs to include more animal designs.The NHL announced the changes Wednesday, but the team is not giving any details about how they will be used.They will be designed by the Animal Designers League, which was formed in 2014 and aims to create “the most creative and inclusiveRead More

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