Hello! I am

Ravi Kumar Kandukuri UI & UX Designer

UX Designer, Graphic Designer, Web & UI Designer, Frontend Developer, 3D & 2D Animator

About me

I have been in the industry for more than 12 years and specializes in user interface design, interaction design, mobile UX, information architecture, and user experience. Apart from 2D,3D animations,Visual designs and developing effective user interfaces, wire framing, prototyping and ensuring success through user testing methodologies, i am dedicated UI & UX lover.

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Wireframe Designs, Mockup Creation, Axure, Adobe XD, Sketch, Omnigraffle, Invision, UXpin, Balsamiq 98%
Adobe Tools(Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash, Premiere, and After Effects) 95%
HTML and CSS,Bootstrap 95%
JavaScript and Jquery 60%
Sharepoint Design,Angular,Wordpress,Droopal,Liferay 30%


Graphic & Visual Designs

I make Wirframe Designs, Mockup Designs, Icon Creation, Logo Creation and Digital Marketing.

Desktop & Responsive Design

I make Development by using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrop and jQuery.

Mobile & Watch Design

I make Mobile (Android, iPhone) Designs by using Graphic,Visual Design Tools and development Tools










My Current project is Factory Visualization is a connected factory solution for GE appliances. Where all the people ranging from Plant Manager to floor operators can see how each plant is doing. This application will give you the live data of each plant like what is the Target, Starts, Packed and Assembly Yield at a given time. Also, it is capable of gathering historical data by connecting to 8 different plants. User can plot the dynamic charts and able to see the past performance of each assembly line and equipment.

Brilliant Factory (GE)

UX Design and Development / Jan 2018- Jan 2020

Brilliant Factory (GE)

Visual Designs / 2019

GE Appliances Applications

Responsive,Web,UI,UX Design and development / Dec 2016 - Jan 2020

The Digital PodCaste

UI, UX Design and Development / 2017 View Intractive

HR Resource Management Tool Theme-2

UI, UX, Mobile Design and Development / 13 Mar. 2019 View Intractive

Patient journey Tool

UI, UX, Mobile Design and Development / 13 Mar. 2019 View Intractive

I have created creative projects (Static, Dynamic, Desktop, Mobile, Responsive webpages for software products, Few Flash Presentations, PowerPoint Presentations, Print Media and All kinds of multimedia-based works in my journey.

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    Tech Mahindra

    UI & UX Designer Lead

    Responsible for activities like development of modules, design and design reviews of technical deliverable

    Efficiently collaborating with the team members and senior management to maintain a continuous stream of information regarding the project status and progress

    Designed Wireframes, Visual designs, and Web pages, desktop, tablets, mobile, and Responsive pages according to the client’s requirement

    Preparing Product Demo video manuals, UI specs for application, Designing Logo creations, and working with developers to continually enhance Web and Software identity and usability, look and feel, navigation and effectiveness

    IIC (Indotronix International Corporation)

    Graphic & Web Designer Lead

    Responsible for activities like development of core modules, design and code reviews of technical deliverable

    Interacted with clients to understand business requirements for development of web pages & sites aligned to client requirements

    Designed Wireframes and Web pages using Photoshop according to the client’s requirement

    After proper approvals, Converted the PSD’s into HTML web pages using Dreamweaver or Notepad++ with CSS, Java script and jQuery

    Semantic Space Pvt Ltd (Prolifics)

    Graphic & Web Designer

    Involving client meeting for business requirements and status reporting

    Preparing of Wire frames

    Preparing Mock-up Designs with Web 2.0 Design Standards

    Preparing HTML & CSS Conversion with Web 2.0 Level Standards

    Preparing Product Demo video manuals, UI specs for application, Designing Logo creations